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You get only one shot with a reader. Make it your best one.

The Details

Two read-throughs of your draft. A detailed set of notes, often going page-by-page. A one-hour conversation by phone/Skype/Facetime to discuss questions you may have on the notes and bounce off any ideas for change. I'll tell you in a detailed approach what does and - most importantly-  what does not work. The most popular service for the writer who seeks to comprehensively assess and address a script's needs. Fee: $400.

Build Your Own

To create a custom service to suit your needs, contact me to see what we can arrange. Fee: To be determined at that time.

Important to Note

No revision work is included in these services. Solutions are frequently and happily offered, but they're not guaranteed with every note. How you solve a script problem will ultimately be your challenge to meet and conquer.

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